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Come to StudioSheetal for the authentic and finest quality Banarasi fabrics that are sourced from the trusted producers and distributors. Banarasi brocade patterned fabric has been the age old concept of Indian apparel culture. People in The North and eastern Indian regions have always cherished Banarasi fabric and a Banarasi saree still counts as a must for the Indian bride. In the modern age, the charm and demand of it have spread internationally. We at StudioSheetal have been among the dedicated vendors of Banarasi fabrics and supply high-quality dress materials to boutiques in India.

Latest range of Banarasi brocades -

Our collection of Banarasi fabrics carries the exclusive patterns and designs of brocade work, so you get the exclusivity feel. Apart from the traditional purples, reds, and crimsons, we have been offering some vibrant modern hues also.

The Banarasi brocade at StudioSheetal is guaranteed for quality, especially in terms of the luster of the metal work. While original gold or silver work is not a norm of age, we offer fabrics worked with silver and gold imitation metals that carry high-grade polish for decades. The fabrics are dry clean safe!

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